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Confused on what type of digital camera to purchase?  Here are some things to consider when purchasing a digital camera.

There are many manufacturers of digital cameras with some of the more popular brands being Canon, Nikon, Kodak and Olympus.

The final decision on which digital camera to purchase should be based on several factors.  What do you intend to use the digital camera for.  Do you intend to take close-up photos and need a zoom in feature or scenery photos, where you will need a wide angle lens.  Will you be sending the pictures over the Internet or printing off copies which requires more pixels.  How many pictures will you be taking before you are able to upload or print them off as this will require a larger storage capacity.  The kind of photographer you are you will contribute to the price of the digital camera.  Are you a point and shoot type of digital photographer with minimal involvement in the process then a $40 - $199 digital camera may meet your needs.  For an intermediate photographer who would like some flexibility in the shots taken, $200 - $900 would be the right price range.  A professional digital photographer who demands total control of the process could spend from  $1000 - $8000 for a digital camera.  Once you have established this, then you must go through the various features and determine if they would be something you would really use and need.  As previously noted, the more involvement and quality you want the higher the price of the camera.  Visit some of the websites that allow you to conduct side-by-side comparisons of different brands of cameras with similar features within the same price range.

These are the best places to purchase digital cameras online:

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Shop Sony Cyber-shot digital cameras direct from the Official Sony store.

Digital Camera -
Thousands of possibilities to choose from.

Digital Cameras -
When it comes to selling Digital Cameras, is the source.

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