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Increase your digital photography enjoyment by using the right digital camera accessories like rechargeable batteries, expanded memory and color printers.   

Your digital photography experience will be enhanced if you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries or memory or being able to conveniently print off your desired edited photos.

Battery power consumption is a big problem with digital cameras.  Your digital photography experience will be enhanced if you have enough battery power for your digital camera especially when LCDs and flashes are used.  If you tend to use your LCD alot, you should carry a spare set of batteries with you.  Regular alkaline batteries may only last 15 –20 minutes.  Initial investments in nickel-metal Hydride (NiMH) or lithium-ion (Li-ON) will pay dividends as they can last 30 % (NiMH) to 60 % (Li-ON) longer.  Both types will recharge about 400 times.  Some cameras use a Li-ON power pak that can be recharged using a household adapter/car adapter.

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Removable storage media is available in all but the least expensive digital cameras ranging from 8 – 18 MB.  The number of pictures you can store depends on the resolution used.  The memory cards can be upgraded to a larger capacity and adaptors can be purchased so the cards can be plugged into a PC Card slot.  Some memory cards only work with certain cameras brands so be careful when buying these.

When purchasing a digital camera, an additional memory card is worth the investment.  Some simple guidelines are:

Camera Size                Memory Card Size

2 megapixel                         64 MB

3 megapixel                        128 MB

4 megapixel                        256 MB

5 megapixel                        512 MB

These items allow you to use your highest resolution and the cameras’ highest quality compression setting so a decent sized print can be made if desired.

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Reasonable quality prints can be produced on inkjet printers when glossy paper is used.  Some printers are stand alone and have slots for memory cards.  Professional quality prints have to be printed on dye-sublimation printers or dedicated six colour inkjets.

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An alternate to buying your own printer, is to use one of the online printing services.  You simply upload the images to their site and indicate which pictures you want copies of and they will send you the prints.  Most companies provide free storage where you can create your own albums to view or your friends and family to view online.  This eliminates the countless CDs and hard drive space required to store all your pictures and the pictures can be retrieved at anytime online.

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To enhance your digital photography experience, go to one of the most popular digital camera websites to get more information on what accessories will benefit you most.


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