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Buying a digital camera can be confusing at times with all the different features to choose from.

Deciding to buy a digital camera can be an overwhelming task with all the features to choose from but it doesnít have to be.

Digital cameras have created a boom in the fast growing photography industry. If youíre thinking of taking the plunge and buying digital camera, you need to know some basic facts of the features you need for your camera. Digital cameras are handy and sleek and have many advantages over the conventional camera.

Let us look on some of the basic steps you must be aware of before buying a digital camera.  

The very first thing you have to decide before buying a digital camera is to know your budget. It is better not to waste your time looking at digital cameras which are outside of your budget.  

The next step is how do you intend to use your digital camera. That is whether you need a professional digital camera, an intermediate camera or a beginnerís digital camera with limited features. However, if you want to modify your photos or get into creative photography, then a professional digital camera with manual options will be an ideal purchase for you.  

The next thing is to decide on is the options you want. Do you need an LCD screen or not? If you choose a camera with an LCD screen you can preview the image you are going to take. A digital camera featuring an LCD screen will be somewhat costlier than one without it.  

Memory Cards are an inevitable component of any digital camera and the price of the memory cards will be an important factor which will affect the total cost of your camera. There are a number of memory cards in competing prices and formats. Hence it is better to check out which memory card the digital camera uses.   

The Pixels and Resolution of the camera is the next option to be considered. Most of the higher quality cameras have more pixels and better resolution which will provide a clear picture. So compare the various models of cameras in your budget range to determine which has the best picture. To do some pre-purchasing comparisons of various brands and models of digital cameras, use the internet.  

Check whether the camera you selected is compatible with your computer. If the camera is not compatible with your computer you will not be able to download and even print off the pictures.  

The last step is to make sure the camera is easy to use. This is an important step because you are buying a digital camera to make your life easier. So make sure you are buying a digital camera, which is simple and easy to use.  

These are some of the basic things you should be aware of before buying a digital camera. Keep these things in mind when you are buying a digital camera which suits your budget, your needs, and even your desires.

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