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Ever been overwhelmed by all the information available on digital cameras?  Use a digital camera buyers guide to make sense of all the information.  

This comprehensive digital camera guide will assist you to find out the right digital camera that suits you the best. Whether you are going to buy a digital camera for the first time or going to upgrade to a newer digital camera which has some additional features than the one you have in your hand, you must be aware of certain factors before choosing any digital camera. There are a number of models available in the market; so keep in mind that the price is not the main factor which determines the quality of a digital camera.  

Given below are some of the basic things to be considered before zeroing in on a specific model available in the market.  

  1. Battery Life
  2. Number of Megapixels
  3. Zoom Lens
  4. Exposure Control
  5. User Controls

Lets look each one of these in detail.  

Battery Life  

The performance of your digital camera is directly proportional to the efficiency of its battery. A good digital camera battery is a critical aspect to claim that the camera is indeed a good one. Battery life is considered as one of the most overlooked features in digital cameras. If you want to capture clear photos, then your digital camera needs to be powered with batteries which has a long life. So donít forget to ensure that you select a camera which has extended battery life.  

Number of Megapixels  

Another critical aspect of a digital camera is the megapixel rating. The megapixel rating ascertains how much fine detail can be captured with your camera. Generally, the number of megapixels varies from 2 to 8 megapixels. But before purchasing a camera you have to decide the number of megapixels you need? To do so you need to determine what you are going to use the photos for. For example, if you are using your camera only to take small snapshots to send through email or for posting in the Internet, you need not more than 2 megapixels. While if you are a professional photographer who wants to make a large print out of your creative photograph, you need a camera which has 5 megapixels or above.  

Zoom Lens  

Zoom lens of a camera is another point to be noted when purchasing a digital camera. For capturing clear photos you definitely need a digital camera with good optical zoom. Optical zoom helps the camera lenses to physically zoom in on an object. On the other hand, the digital zoom of a camera helps to digitally average the information and digitally enlarge the picture within the camera's microchip. Most of todayís camera vendors make advertisements of digital zoom than optical zoom. It is better to choose a camera with at least 3x optical zoom.  

Exposure Control  

If you are a professional photographer then you need a digital camera which has the ability to control exposure settings. Lens opening and shutter speed are a critical part for professional photographer. Most advanced photographers choose to tweak the shutter speed and aperture to take images of fast moving objects or blur the picture background. If you consider photography as a serious hobby or are a professional then a digital camera with good exposure control will be the ideal one for you.   

User Controls  

Most people want a camera that is easy to use. So when selecting a camera, check whether the user controls to the fix macro mode, set resolution, exposure and flash are within easy reach of your fingers. If you are not sure, try out the camera first in the store and make sure that it is the one that fits you.  

These are the general things you must be aware of while selecting a digital camera. Most of the digital cameras available today are exclusively designed to meet the lifestyle and fulfill the needs of the photographers. But as general advice, it is best for you to select the one which suits you the best. Most digital camera manufacturers put the specifications of their models of cameras on their internet sites. This makes it easy to comparison shop the various brands you may in interested from the comfort of your home.

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