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What to be able to take timed photos or get rid a blurred pictures due to camera movement? Purchasing a tripod will help you accomplish this. Here are some tips on how to choose the right tripod for your digital camera.

If you want to get rid of those camera shakes which seem to appear in one or more of your photos, then a tripod while solve your problem. A tripod will also allow you to take timed group pictures.  

Digital camera tripods are a real necessity for those who are serious about photography. Using a digital camera tripod can reduce the chances of blurring the photos you take. The tripod will help you to create a fixed, level platform for your camera and thereby reduce or eliminate the camera shake caused by slow shutter speed or camera movement. Most photography experts recommend using a tripod for timed exposures and capturing images in dim light, taking close-up, panning and landscape shots, and use slower shutter speeds.

Group pictures, including your yourself, can easily be taken using a tripod and a camera with a delayed timer.  

Nowadays, as we see new models and types of digital cameras, digital camera tripods are also available in different styles, types, sizes and weights. The price of tripods varies from cheap to expensive. There are several factors to consider before purchasing any digital camera tripod. Let us look these topics in detail.  

  • Stability

This is the first thing you should consider before purchasing a tripod. A digital camera tripod must be stable. The tripod must be light enough to carry around, and must be strong enough to provide the necessary support for your camera. You must check whether it can carry the load of the camera, lenses and flash.  

  • Height

Height is another factor to be considered before you buy a tripod. The tripod you select must have enough height for comfortable screening so that you do not bend over too much. Most digital camera tripods feature a center, extension pole, which you can adjust if you need extra height. You must consider three heights while selecting a tripod - maximum, minimum and folded height (or collapsed).  

  • Quality Construction 

It is better to keep away from tripods built with lots of plastic parts, especially mounting screws. Make sure that the digital camera tripod is made of metals like aluminum, titanium alloy or carbon fiber.  

  • Camera position

Check if the tripod can easily hold its position if you change the orientation of your camera that is horizontally or vertically.   

  • Tripod heads 

Digital camera tripods feature stable three-way pan tilt heads. Tripods with ball heads are usually small, light and will be much more expensive when compared with pan-tilt heads. But the major advantage of using ball heads is that they are faster and are easy to use.  

These are some of the general factors one must check before purchasing a digital camera tripod. In simple words, a tripod must be easy to set up, simple to use, and the controls must be easy to adjust. You will find a good digital camera tripod will make a world of difference.

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