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Digital camcorder memory is an important component when shopping for a digital camcorder

Ever been shooting a special event and just before the big moment you run out of memory? To avoid this problem, you should make sure you have sufficient memory space. 

Digital camcorders are great devices for shooting videos. They are simple to operate and the picture quality it offers simply overshadows the one produced by its analog counterparts. 

DVD camcorders records directly into DVD discs. They make use of 8cm DVD-R or DVD-RW discs. Few models have mini DVD-RAM discs. As most of the DVD players today can play both DVD-R and DVD-RW discs play back is not a problem. But should arise any such technical snags, the DVD camcorder can be connected directly to TV or A/V receiver through its A/V outputs. 

DVD Camcorders are portable and small in size. It matches its cassette counter parts in optics and features. Its biggest advantage over cassettes is that a DVD disc can be played over and over many times without any degradation. ADVD-RW disc can be re-recorded at least 1000 times before it shows any signs of lowered performance. Also, when it comes to editing/enhancement, a DVD-RW allows easier titling and re-ordering of segments. Unlike the Digi8 and MiniDV types, a DVD camcorder does not have an IEEE 1394 connector. Instead it use USB 2.0 to send pictures to the PC and attains backward compatibility through USB 1.1.  

But a camcorder’s ability to capture the life around is not limited to its streaming videos. Alongside the digital videotape or mini DVD, a digital camcorder also uses a digital camera memory card, which can hold still photos and compressed MPEG format videos.

It is where the camcorder stores the images when used as a digital camera. The memory card works in the same way as in a genuine digital camera. But in this case, the picture qualities its photos have are far inferior to the one taken with an original digital camera. 

But, as in the camera, digital camcorder memory card is something most people tend to oversee or generally deal with a casual mind set. A memory card that comes with most top brand camcorders is usually low in its capacity. Imagine a situation in which one plans to shoot some pictures for posting in the internet or for a small-size printing. At one point, the memory card is full and there are more snaps to be taken. The only way out of this dilemma is to have a card with more memory space. 

Exactly this is a situation which the user should foresee while buying a camcorder memory card. It is ideal to have a digital camera memory card having surplus capacity. It covers for additional storage requirements. Also, since the resolution offered by cameras is growing by the day, high capacity cards becomes a necessary in the near future. There could be situations as well, when a memory card gets stolen or going corrupt. Using more than one card and switching it between shots would be a good idea. 

It is the user who knows best the extent to which he/she is going to use the digital camcorder. The feature to take pictures with a digital camcorder is only an extended facility. It is no match for a real digital camera and hence should be seen in such a perspective. But it is always better to have an accessory that functions decently. Ideally, the digital camera memory card should not be of too little memory or the one that is from the top end segment. It should be a balance between these two, and the one mandated by your requirements.

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