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Studying the history of digital cameras and digital photography can give you some background information on how the technology has changed since its’ discovery.

Ever wonder what lead to developing the first digital camera or how digital photography has changed over the years? 

Digital photography and digital camera has a very short but the most interesting history. The history of digital cameras started with the attempts of NASA to send images from outer space to earth in a digital format, breaking away from the conventional method of sending it in analog form. The computer technology at that time was in the early stages of development. The government also funded ‘spy’ satellites that also demanded more research on collecting images in digital format. This can be considered the beginning point in the history of digital photography

The private sector was also interested in digital cameras with Texas Instruments patenting the first film-less camera in 1972. The world of digital cameras has gone a sea of changes, rewriting the history of photography and breaking the ice for ordinary people who were interested in digital photography but lacked the professional skills. In 1981, a digital still camera was invented by Sony. Kodak invented light sensors capable of recording light as still images, in the 1970’s. Only in the later half of 1990s did digital cameras make an entry into consumer market, in the form of Apple ‘quicktake’ which could be connected to a PC. Since then digital cameras are one of the biggest waves in modern history. Digital cameras now outsell traditional film cameras. Digital photography provided users with the option of not using expensive rolls of films, and presented them with the advantage of not having to print the images they didn’t require. The introduction of printers by HP also had a big impact in the history of digital cameras. Now digital cameras coming with phones and mini, night vision spy cameras the size of a thumbnail are no news today. The number of digital cameras sold in increasing and it is no wonder with the advantages that they offer. 

Knowing the history of digital photography and digital cameras that goes back to much less than 50 years is more than an interesting topic. Take sometime from your career as a photographer to study the history of digital imaging. 

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