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Good digital photography techniques help churn out stunning digital photographs, which stand out from the rest.

Natural ability alone doesn’t make a good photographer and simply taking focus and clicking using a digital camera doesn’t guarantee quality pictures. Instead it is the type of camera that is used and the digital photography techniques adopted that makes the difference in the end. Here are some useful tips.  

Digital photography techniques involve the technical aspects as well as general tips. The interesting thing is that both forms of digital photography techniques are vital in the making of a fine photograph.  

Every digital photography technique starts with the camera. A decent digital camera is a necessity for good compositionality. In order to make a photograph stand out, follow these simple tips;  

  • As the camera is programmed to make the scene appear natural (18% grey), take care to meter tonally gray areas, use the exposure lock, recompose and then shoot.
  • For SLRs, check the DOF/Aperture setting.
  • Shutter speed < 1/f results in the shake being shown in the image. For slower shutter speeds, use a tripod to solve the problem.
  • Make use of a neutral graduated density filter in the issues of large range in contrast.
  • Use circular polarizers to reduce the glare or deepen the color of skies or vegetation.
  • As slow films has less grain, use it for landscape photos. 

In composition, one can get better results by following some of these tips;  

  • Move in close for a better photo. Cutting down on the unwanted views around the subject.
  • Rely on Rule of thirds: Divide the frame in to three sections – vertically and horizontally – and the image should ideally fall in one of the thirds.
  • For images involving heights, use a vertical format of shooting. It covers heights. Similarly, for vast expanse images like that of a lake or deserts, use horizontal format.
  • Sunset and sunrise have the most suitable photographic light. Noon is the worst time to take your camera out.
  • By adjusting the shutter speed, one can slow down the time to catch a split second event. Make the maximum out of shutter speed adjustments.
  • Avoid overcast skies in the picture. An extreme of clear or overcast skies are equally boring. Explore using a polarizer.
  • Rely on a simple semi-automatic setting than a fully automatic one. The human part is vital in catching the best of the images.
  • It is vital to be bold enough to follow your instincts. This is where a photographer and his photograph can blend together tog get a beautiful picture.

These are some simple digital photography technique tips that you can use to make a photo look better. The technology involved with a digital camera and image processing is very complex and is beyond the scope of this article. For a beginner or an amateur, following these pointers of digital photography techniques can help you take some great pictures. For more advanced tips to improve your pictures, visit one of the many digital photography sites online.  l

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