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Disposable digital camera can be an inexpensive and simple way to tryout the latest digital camera technology.

Ever wish you had a digital camera but couldnít afford one? A disposable digital camera is an inexpensive way to try one out.  

Disposable digital cameras, sometimes called digital single use cameras, first entered the fastest growing camera segment as film cameras. Disposable digital cameras are relatively inexpensive, handy and easy to use. Disposable digital camera would be ideal for you if you just want to take a few snapshots and have fun or tryout taking pictures with digital technology. Most people buy them in large quantities for marriage functions or any other special occasions. With a disposable digital camera you donít have to worry about ruining your equipment if you take them snorkeling or to a messy kidís birthday party since some disposable digital cameras are waterproof.  

A disposable digital camera is not as hard to use as some people think it is. It is truly is very simple to use. Disposable digital cameras offer the most frequently used features, such as checking the images before taking any print outs and image manipulation. Most disposable digital cameras boast a timer, a flash, and a viewing monitor so that you can take the picture and remove an unnecessary image and retake the image if you wish. But you will not get the zoom or night shots and some other advanced features which come with more expensive digital cameras. Generally, you will get a free picture CD with your prints as part of the disposable digital camera package.  

Some peoples think that disposable digital cameras donít provide the same facilities of an ordinary digital camera. But itís not true; disposable digital cameras are worth the $10 to $20 you paid for. You can purchase a disposable digital camera for even a cheaper price.  

One disadvantage is that disposable digital cameras cannot be connected to your computer. You have to take the entire camera back to the retailer and they would crack it open, and develop your photos. This is not a drawback; itís a plus since you donít need to spend your time in front of your PC editing your photos, as itís all done for you. After all, your time is valuable. To learn more about the different brands of disposable digital cameras available and the features they offer, look for them on the internet.  

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