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Choosing the right features, like the correct number of megapixels, flash, lens and editing software for your digital camera can be a challenge sometimes.

Some of the most popular digital camera features that people ask about are number of megapixels, flashes, lenses and editing software.

Resolution is defined as the number of discreet points of light (pixels) captured per shot.  The larger the number the more you can enlarge a picture without it going fuzzy.  For good quality 5 x 7 pictures, a 2 3 megapixel camera will do however for larger pictures you will need a 3 megapixel or greater digital camera.

Must cameras have a built-in flash called a strobe with a limited range (10 14 feet).  Some cameras have a red-eye reduction feature while other more expensive models allow you to adjust the illumination level with a fill flash feature.

The point and shoot cameras come with a fixed focus lens that focuses on everything from 4 feet to infinity.  Intermediate cameras have auto-focus which allows you to focus on a specific area.  Optical zoom features allow you to focus on a distant object.  Professional digital cameras can also use optional wide-angle or telephoto lenses and will allow for fine-tuning of the shutter speed.

Basic software will allow uploading of images to your computer but more suffocated software will allow editing of pictures and background before printing.

Go online and visit some of the many websites that describe some of the specific features of your favorite brand of model of digital camera.

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