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Infrared digital photography can create a whole new avenue for generating artistic images.

Ever wanted to try some totally different with your digital camera? Infrared photography may be the answer.  

Infrared digital photography has played a major role in revolutionizing the world of digital photography. Infrared digital photography can be considered as one of the main scientific advances that enriched the digital photography world. It is vital to know the details of this technology to understand the fantastic application of infrared digital photography in this modern era. This comprehensive guide will help you to know about infrared digital photography.  

Infrared is an electromagnetic wave that is just beyond the visible red light beginning at a wavelength of about 770 nm. Like we use light reflected from an object to take the photograph of an object, infrared photography makes use of infrared rays that falls beyond the visual spectrum. In fact infrared rays are all over but the normal digital camera filters screen this component out from visible light.  

In infrared digital photography, the converse of above mentioned function is made use of.

That is, in infrared digital photography, a filter is used between the lens and the CCD in the camera, which lets only infrared light to pass through it mean while blocking most of the visible light spectrum. The Wratten filters or other dedicated IR filters can serve this purpose.  

To take IR pictures, first set the camera in the Black & White mode. Once the filter is on, the user won’t be able to see anything until the exposure is complete. Hence the focus is important (keep in mind, IR focuses at a slightly different point that visible light). Make sure that the camera uses an aperture at step 6 and has a decent depth of field. Ensure that the camera is set for a higher ISO rating and longer exposure time (as IR filters are almost opaque).  

In order to emulate an infrared film, you can use Adobe Photoshop software to make some touch ups on the photos. Manipulate the picture to balance the image levels, remove any color, sharpen the edges and give it a grainy look. Add edge glow as well.

In order to test if a particular camera has the ability to take IR photos, click the camera against the rays emitted from an ordinary infrared remote control. The IR beams can be perceived from the LCD preview area. And if LCD is not a part of your camera, take the photograph of the remote while keeping the button pressed. This experiment confirms whether the digital camera has the ability to take IR photos.

Infrared digital photography produces interesting and never-seen-before pictures. For example, in IR pictures, green foliage appears while human skin gives an ethereal appearance. No wonder, both objects are favorite subjects for IR photographers. Sky and water looks black in IR photos.  

Infrared digital photography opens a new vista for artistic image generation. And it is no longer an arena of the technical savvy darkroom hiding photographer. To see the effects of taking photos using IR technology, find some examples online.

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