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Features:JVC GR D53 Digital Camcorder image

  • 16x Optical Zoom

  • 700x Super Digital Zoom

  • 1/6-inch 800k pixel CCD

  • 3-Dimension Noise Reduction (3D NR)

  • 2.5" Clear LCD Monitor

  • DV Input/Output

  • Super High-Band Processor for a Resolution of 520 Lines

  • Auto Illumination Light

  • Color Viewfinder

  • Picture Stabilizer feature


  • Battery pack

  • AC adapter

  • AV cable

  • Software CD-ROM
  • Shoulder strap


The JVC GR-D53 digital camcorder really surprised me. Although it is the low-end JVC option, it has many features that are only found on high-end cameras.

The GR-D53 comes with a nice 30mm lens which is capable of zooming up to 16X. JVC used the same great zoom for this camera that the one they used on their high performance line of camcorders.

Below this powerful lens you will find a good infrared sensor used for light metering, and also a LED light (which is nice but by no means a replacement for a good spot light) and a two-channel microphone that is capable of recording sound up to 16 bit.

However, this camera presents a great disadvantage: there are no shoes or sockets on the bottom of the camera, so you donít have the option for an external spotlight, or even an external mic.

This camera loads the MiniDV tapes from the bottom, and the cassette is enclosed on a dark plastic panel. The JVC GR-D53 digital camcorder has a palm strap on its right side, which is very far to be one of the bests; in fact, the strap gives you the feeling to be loose, even when fully tightened down.

This camera features four locking modes, available through a selector. This modes are: automatic, manual, playback and off.

There is a wide variety of manual settings available on this cam, which may sound discouraging to beginners and video-hobbyists. However, this amount of manual control options will definitely appeal to the experienced, professional user.

I found this cameraís capabilities really great. It records bright colors, with a nice saturation, on a 3000 Lux condition. This is due to the great noise reduction feature of the camera, which takes advantage of a very sophisticated and refined noise-reduction algorithm.

One disadvantage this camera has over others is the lack of a focus ring. Instead, the GR-D53 implements a poor dial, which is both uncomfortable to use and unpractical to reach when using just one hand. The manual exposure control and manual shutter speed control are implemented the same way, and they are also very uneasy to use.

This camera has an outstanding feature: its performance under low light conditions. It performed almost as well both in the 60 lux test and the 15 lux test, producing distinguishable colors for each one on the test color chart.


The JVC GR-D53 is a fine camcorder, indeed. It is intended for point and shoot operation, and it allows you to do it flawlessly. JVC really made an effort to make this kind of image quality available to the average low-end user. It is a very convenient choice when comparing quality of results Vs. price. The optical zoomí capabilities are really great, and the CCD, although not high-end, does its job. The only disadvantages Iíve found are the poor handling comfort and the difficulty to use the manual settings. Also, the lack of a jack for an external microphone should be considered if audio is important.

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