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Kodak DSC Pro SLR

Kodak DSC Pro SLR Digital Camera imageBasic Features  

  • Selectable image resolutions: 13.5MP, 6MP, 3.4MP
  • Full-frame 36 x 24mm
  • 36-bit color depth
  • Nikon-F mount lens compatibility

  • 5-Area AF with tracking and closest subject priority
  • TTL exposure metering: 3D-Color Matrix, Center-weighted and 4mm Spot

  • ISO 80 to 800 - Shutter speeds: 2 sec. to 1/4000 sec. plus Bulb

  • 2.0" color LCD for image analysis and user menus

  • IEEE 1394 FireWire interface

  • Composite video out, NTSC or PAL format
  • Lithium rechargeable battery with charger/AC adapter

  • Built in flash with Red-eye mode

  • Durable but lightweight metal body with SLR features


  • USB cable
  • Wrist Strap

  • Software CD of (Host Software includes DCS Photo Desk and DCS Camera Manager)
  • Documentation CD-ROM
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

  • Battery Charger/AC Adapter

  • DC Power Module

  • 4-pin IEEE 1394 (FireWire) Cable

  • Hand and Neck Straps

  • Body Cap

  • IR Remote


Kodak doesn’t need any introduction to an ordinary photography enthusiast; probably because Kodak is more known for their film and digital camera innovations than any other manufacturers. Being the first of the digital SLR manufacturers, Kodak has always had its share of digital photography glory; Kodak DSC Pro SLR is a splendid example to buttress this fact. Kodak DSC Pro SLR has proved to be the first example of how a digital SLR camera could be manufactured and sold to a diehard digital photography professional.

When you open the box, you’ll be amazed by this little, black beauty, and also get wonderstruck with its consumer friendly build and easy grip. An amalgamation of polycarbonate and plastic elements, Kodak DSC Pro SLR is built to last for a long time, without sacrificing its overall looks. Its full image area TTL viewfinder is a little marvel, as the frame visible through the viewfinder is free of distortions and parallax. As you turn around the camera body, you’ll see the fully functional LCD display screens both on the top and the back of the body, with its wide array of displays. Its multilingual display is a marvel by itself, as the camera recognizes the importance of consumers from allover the world. Not too heavy, this wonder has some great features up its sleeves, which are sure to create some great images of high quality and contrast.

This camera lets you use it in two different modes: basic and highly advanced. If you’re an amateur photographer, you are empowered with its basic mode of operation, with camera’s default basic setting helping you start right away. Its interface is very simple and intuitive.  More advanced auto mode lets you adjust many settings to capture high resolution images of exceptional quality, which can be stored in the storage memory card, to be transferred to either your computer or even print directly on a color printer. Feel free to use any of the innovative shooting modes, to create your own preferred settings to capture some splendid moments on the ultra quick, 14 MP CMOS sensor with high-performance pixel design.

Being a complete SLR camera, Kodak DSC Pro SLR, is capable of capturing images at two frames per second and even eight frames at a full burst mode. It is forward compatible, and possible to double its inbuilt RAM buffer from 256 MB to 512 MB image memory. Getting hold of a full frame digital SLR camera is very difficult these days, and this gorgeous model gives you that advantage, that too at a low price of less than $ 5000.

Supplied Nikon F mount is a well planned move, as this mount is legendary in the world of photography and it also works to the advantage of the user, by its full compatibility with interchangeable lenses. Enhanced color depth of 36 bit, helps you to enliven your images with rich colors and vibrancy.  It is also easy to shoot blur free images by its excellent 5 Area AF system with an active subject tracking system. Previewing your images on its 2” color LCD screen is delightful and it also allows you to select images of your choice before you store them on your computer. With features galore, Kodak DSC Pro SLR is a complete camera, which is an object of desire for those serious photographers, who want creativity in their work and quality in images.


To bring such a camera to market is not an easy task, considering the intense competition from many rivals. Being pioneers in photography, both digital and film, Kodak has added some wonderful innovations in DSC SLR camera, that is sure to beat its rivals and create its own niche users allover the world.

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