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Minolta Konica Dimage A2

FeaturesMinolta Konica Dimage A2 Digital Camera image

  • 8 mega pixels, CCD

  • Digital zoom 2 x

  • 4 Shooting Programs

  • Shutter Speed 30 sec to 1/4000 sec

  • 6 exposure modes

  • Continuous shooting speed, 7 frames per second

  • Video capture

  • CCD Anti Shake system


  • BC-900 Battery Charger

  • USB-3 USB Cable

  • AVC-500 A/V Cable

  • RC-D1 Wireless Remote

  • NS-DG800 Neck Strap

  • DLS-3 Lens Shade

  • LF-1349 Lens Cap

  • Accessory Shoe Cap

  • Software CD-ROM'S

  • User's Guide


Minoltaís market share for digital cameras is rather restricted to low end point and shoot, family type cameras; however, it has broken free of this generalized opinion by introducing a state of the art 8MP digital camera, that is sure to capture the imagination of a digital photographer. With its compact form factor, this small wonder features some amazing specs, a plethora of manual controls and an efficient CCD anti shake system for reducing camera shake at ultra low speeds. Being lighter, Dimage A2 looks cute with its rounded edges and smooth contours.

It has a swivel type 1.8-inch color screen and a highly improvised, 11-point (selectable) AF system, that is capable of capturing crystal clear pictures without any visible distortions. However, this system is rather sluggish compared to other similar cameras it also means that your images may go out of focus, if the frames are not composed properly for focal length and ambient light. This anomaly is perfectly compensated by Dimage A2ís amazing 2 x digital zoom lens, which is guaranteed for maximum performance.

Images can be captured in many formats like JPEG, RAW, and in Standard, Fine and Extra Fine levels of resolutions. The supplied battery is efficient in conserving power between photography sessions, and the expected battery life is about 150 images of medium resolutions. If you want to go auto, just select one of the six selectable picture modes and start capturing your favorite images almost instantaneously. All buttons and controls are within the easy reach of the user and clutter free; it is also possible to control your camera by those manual buttons situated at the top right hand and center of the back of the camera. Video capture is basic and just sufficient for a hobby photographer; this camera also allows you to shoot medium resolution movies with a reasonable level sound clarity.


This is a perfect camera for a hobby photographer with its minimum camera controls and buttons; Dimage A2 is a dynamic camera that offers its users a state of the art CCD Anti Shake system to avoid blur and distortions in your images. However, the downside with this camera is its sluggish auto focus mechanism and an over sensitive shutter release button. The camera quality is superb, the build rugged and its lens quality reaching the maximum possible efficiency.  In summary, the Dimage A2 is another superbly packed beauty from Konica Minolta stable.

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