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Traveler digital cameras should be diverse enough to be able to take a wide angle panoramic shots while still being able to zoom in for a long distance picture.

Ever wanted to take a beautiful landscape picture one moment and then zoom in for a shot of a rare flower? A traveler digital camera may be the answer for you.  

Traveler digital cameras are tailor made for professionals and are designed to fulfill the demanding needs of a traveler who wants high quality images for web use as well as printing. Traveler digital cameras are prepared for any situation; whether it is open landscapes or a Loch Ness monster at a distance, the traveler digital camera guaranties a quality image in the end. They come with longer zooms (5x at least) and a 28 mm equivalent wide angle - ideal for travelers who have a penchant for architectural images - greater resolution, and nice portability.  

Traveler digital cameras of various makes are available in the market today. Here four of the most popular camera models are mentioned. Let us see what it offers for the customers.  

  • Minolta Konica Dimage A2 Digital Camera is a rugged model, suitable for shaky shoots; they come loaded with anti-shake technology. Equipped with a 28-200 zoom, the camera can record around 8 pixels. Hence the photos can be large. Those looking for a bargain can look to this model.
  • Konica Minolta DiMAGE A1 is a slightly older model than the Minolta. It also has anti-shake technology and performs well to give an above 7 pixels resolution. Just like the Minolta, it has a longer battery life. 
  • Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom is a 28-140 zoom, 8 megapixels camera with a little less telephoto than A2. They offer a high image quality and it comes with an infrared remote control. 
  • Canon PowerShot Pro1 comes with a 28-200 zoom and 8 megapixels resolution. Has a good image quality but often criticized for a comparatively lesser battery life. 

The traveler digital cameras mentioned here, are not an exhaustive list and the user can search for other types on the internet as there are plenty. But it is the right camera that matters. The trick is all about selecting the one with necessary features with a reasonable price tag.

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