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Aerial digital photography has made huge advances as a result of the explosion of the digital photography age.

Ever wonder how aerial photos are taken and what some of the common uses are

Aerial digital photography is one of the areas that had undergone a world of change in terms of efficient reconnaissance and higher resolution pictures. Aerial photography has been used widely for area mapping, spying, and to collect detailed information about forests, landforms and archeological sites. Aerial digital photographs are usually taken from high altitudes, using a special camera fitted on a balloon, airplane, or chopper. Such cameras have a wide angle, high resolution and better performance coefficient. The satellites imaging used these days are the advanced implication of aerial digital photography.  

In aerial digital photography, while photographing the earth surface, it is virtually impossible to cover the entire surface under consideration. Hence the mapping is done using a series of overlapping pictures, which is then put together to get the complete picture. Aerial digital photography has an advantage as well; it is not considered to be outside the realm of privacy. Anything viewed from above – from an aircraft – is considered public domain.  

Aerial digital photography is now widely used commercially for area mapping, real estate planning, environmental studies, surveying, engineering, city planning and management, entertainment, advertising, and geographic studies. It also serves as a vital element in any country’s defense strategy.  

Aerial digital photography presents us a vital tool to get a bird’s eye view of things on earth and hence a better perspective and hold on matters pertaining to the above mentioned fields. Its benefits clearly depend on how effectively and ethically one makes use of aerial digital photography.

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