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Buying a digital camcorder can be overwhelming to say the least when you must consider all the features and options to look at.

Buying a digital camcorder is not a difficult task nowadays as there are hundreds of types and makes of digital camcorders available in the market. But before buying digital camcorder you must be aware of some basic factor you have to check before making any purchase.  

A digital camcorder completely outclasses its analog counterparts in terms of image quality, performance and flexibility. They donít have video noise and the picture quality is virtually the same in LP and SP modes. Digital camcorders are simple to handle as well. Generally a digital camcorder comes loaded with some basic features that are common with every other model in business. Hence before making a purchase you have to compare what are the features a digital camcorder has and what features do you want.  

Let us look at the various factors you must consider before buying digital camcorder.  

The first decision you have to make is which type of camcorder do you want - analog (VHS-C, Hi8 and 8mm) or digital format (Digital8, MiniDV, MicroMV, DVD and Digital Tapeless). Digital camcorders are more expensive when compared with analog cameras.  

If you want high quality video or if you want to capture video into your computer and do some video editing then it is better to select a digital camcorder. But if you donít care about the video quality you can go for an analog camera and save some money. You can also import video from analog camera to the computer using an analog-to-digital conversion device (but with some loss in quality).  

Some other features and attributes you need to consider when buying digital camcorder include Firewire/IEEE 1394 support, lens quality, LCD size, optical stabilization system and digital still image capability. Various models differ in the level of implementation of certain other features, which ultimately decide the price tag. Firewire support is a critical element to be considered while buying a digital camcorder. Photography experts recommend not to purchase a digital camcorder which does not have Firewire support.  

Some of the popular brands of digital camcorders include Canon, Panasonic, Olympus , Sony and JVC. The picture quality of similar models of name brands does not usually have a marked difference. Sony has superior image stabilizers while Panasonic has an edge in low-light performance, mechanics and reliability.  

One should buy a digital camcorder only based on its performance, features and accessories you really need, convenience and the price. You canít go wrong with purchasing one of the top brand digital camcorders, as the quality is guaranteed. So when comparing prices online, look at the features available for similar models of comparable prices ranges.

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