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Canon Powershot SD400

FeaturesCanon SD 400 Digital Camera image

  • 5.0 megapixel CCD

  • 35-105mm (equiv.) F2.8 - 4.9, 3x optical zoom glass molded spherical lens.

  • DiGiC II image processor.

  • 640 x 480 pixel, 30fps movie mode (great 60 fps when using 320 x 240 pixel resolution)

  • 2.0-inch color TFT monitor

  • Six preset special scene modes available.

  • Spot, center weight and evaluative metering modes.

  • Custom white-balance control.


  • NB-4L battery

  • Battery charger

  • AV cable

  • Interface cable

  • 16MB SD memory card (maybe a little small, though)

  • Software CD ROM Wrist strap


Before I start telling you what I think of this camera, let me clarify something: if you are reading this review within Europe or Japan, then you must know that this camera is called Digital IXUS 50 and IXY DIGITAL 55 in those lands respectively. However, the change on the name does not carry changes on the features this great camera offers, so this review still applies.

This compact camera incorporates a glass molded spherical lens, just like its predecessor, the SD-300. This allows Canon to equip this small camera with a 3X optical zoom. The appearance of this camera is really good; a slim design and a metal body make this camera a beauty.

Canon has managed to build a camera with an impressive resolution and image quality, with the GM lens mentioned above and a 5 megapixel CCD. When you combine those two characteristics with the power of the DiGiC II picture processor, the results are quite amazing. This camera is very easy and comfortable to handle too; it seems to have been built to fit exactly your hand.

The SD400 implements a very good color and white balance control, better than other camera’s balance systems. When the circumstances require more manual control over these two features, you can use the manual white balance capability on this camera.

The autofocus system is a single-point type AF, featuring great exposure and improved reliability. Autofocus system is aided by a very convenient assist light.

At short distances, the flash proved to be very accurate in its operation, and both speed and effectiveness make this camera one of the best cameras in the 5.0 megapixel universe.

It is indeed fast and accurate to respond, featuring short warming up times, and also a terrific short shot-to-shot interval. The only aspect of this camera that I found to be not so speedy is the shutter. There are certainly a decent amount of cameras out there with similar price and features, but much better shutter times. If you are a professional, then you will dislike the absence of manual controls too.

The TFT display monitor is very clear and perfectly bright. After all, this is a Canon…

An awesome macro mode and the overall picture quality are the points to highlight in the SD400, as they are as good as the noise reduction capabilities this camera has.


This camera is recommended for most users. Price shoppers will find this camera to be a real deal, as its price is very convenient compared to other similar cameras.

Images produced by the Canon SD400 digital camera have an impressive sharpness, with good saturation and vivid, bright colors. This digital camera is really good when it comes to exposure levels, low picture noise, color balance, focusing and all essential aspects of digital photography, including image clarity and vivid colors.

Maybe Canon could improve this camera by adding manual control over exposure levels and shutter speed, but the automatic presets are really good indeed.

Without any doubts, this camera is the perfect one to take everywhere, as it fits into your pocket and doesn’t give you that bulky sensation. Everyone, from beginner to experienced user, will find in the Canon SD400 compact digital camera a really valuable piece of engineering.

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