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Kodak Easyshare CX7300


  • Optical sensor CCD
  • Sensor resolution: 3.2 Megapixel
  • Optical zoom: 1 x

  • Digital zoom: 3 x

  • Shutter speed:1/2-1/2300 s

  • Battery type: Ni-Hi

  • LCD screen size: 1.6 ''

  • Storage media: Integrated Memory , Memory Stick , Multimedia Card , SD Memory Card

  • Standard supplied memory size: 16 MB

  • Video resolution: 320x240

  • Still image format: JPEG


  • Digital Camera Batteries

  • Custom camera inserts for optional KODAK EASYSHARE 6000 Series Camera and Printer Docks
  • USB cable

  • KODAK EasyShare Software CD
  • Welcome kit and User Guide

  • Wrist strap


This camera is, by far, the number one choice for beginners. Not too small, no optical zoom, no manual options, no focus;just a flash and a “focus free” type lens; that’s it. Much like classical, non-digital cameras, but with a CCD and a screen. Very basic, indeed; very Kodak. The only “modern” features the Kodak CX7300 offers are an option for night shots, video clips recording and almost no other thing.

This camera will never be take a place of honor in photography heaven, that’s for sure; the quality of the pictures it takes is far from what can be achieved with a more known model, whether it is made by Kodak or any other manufacturer, and its features will not appear on the top lists.

However, as in many other products, maybe the lack of such features is in fact its best feature. The beginner photographer will find on the Kodak CX7300 his best friend, avoiding complicated operation which is common on digital cameras. Literally, just “point and shoot”. No more, no less.

Looking to the outside, the CX7300 is not a princess either. It happens to be significantly bigger that others, and it is not very esthetic, compared to more compact cameras. The front side shows a 37mm lens, with a f4.5 fixed opening. Lens quality is far from outstanding, presenting an evident lack of definition and other features. However, taking in consideration what type of audience it is intended for, you can say it suits the rest of the camera.

The front side also shows the direct viewer and the flash unit. Rear side presents a ten button control panel, which is more than enough to cover all functions this camera is able to perform, including a 3-level, poor quality digital zoom, the exposition compensation and the characteristic “Black and white” effect.

On top of the CX7300 you can find the mode selector and the shooting button. There are four positions for the mode selector: Off, Automatic shooting mode, night-time picture mode and video recording mode. This last one allows the recording of soundless clips of up to thirty seconds. Video quality is rather poor; but remember this camera is intended for beginners.

Night picture mode sets the shutting speed to half a second and activates the flash twice. As you may know, half a second is too much.

The CCD on the CX7300 has a 3.2 megapixel resolution, which results in a picture size of 2080x1544, more than good for a camera this cheap.

Sensitivity is automatically controlled by the camera, just as the rest of the options, and goes from 100 to 140 ISO, with a pretty high presence of noise.

The image sensor generates high levels of saturation, which result in vivid but often unrealistic colors (“Kodak” colors).

One of the best features is that the LCD display is much more viewable under sunlight than most other cameras, including more expensive ones.

This camera also has low power consumption, which allows batteries to live longer. Internal memory present is 16Mb, which is of course insufficient but can be compensated with external memory cards


The Kodak CX7300 is one of those cameras that we can buy for a kid to start taking his first steps into photography, or for those people who take pictures only on birthday parties or vacation. . It is very simple to use and results are more than sufficient for 90 percent of this kind of users. If you are looking for a simple camera which keeps you away from all those manual options you may never use anyway, then the CX7300 is the perfect one.

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