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Kodak Easyshare LS753

FeaturesKodak Easyshare LS753 Digital Camera image

  • Lens: 2.8X Schneider-Kreuznach C-Variogon zoom lens.

  • Digital Zoom: 3.6x

  • LCD Viewer: 1.8 Inch

  • CCD: 5.0 effective Megapixels

  • Storage Media Type: SD Secure Digital or MMC Multimedia memory cards

  • Electronic Flash type: Built-in

  • Built-in Memory: 32MB

  • Video Movie Capture: VGA - Up to 640x480

  • Battery Type: Proprietary Battery

  • Misc: Sound capable. Optical viewfinder. Self timer setting.


  • Dock 6000

  • KODAK Li-ion Rechargeable Battery and Charger

  • Audio/video cable

  • USB cable

  • Software drivers and software.

  • Custom camera insert for the EasyShare 6000 camera dock.

  • Neck strap


The Kodak EasyShare LS753 digital camera produces pictures with an effective resolution of 5 megapixels. The built in well – known Schneider-Kreuznach C-Variogon lens, which is capable of producing very sharp and accurate images, provides a 2.8x optical zoom, ranging from 6.0mm to 16.6mm (equivalent to a 36mm – 100mm range on a 35mm camera). The quality of the low-distorted images captured by this lens can be compared to the quality offered by more expensive cameras. A 3.6X digital zoom allows you to zoom even closer. The LS753 is able to save pictures with a maximum resolution of 2569 x 1929 pixels, which is decent enough.

This camera also allows you to record movie clips on two formats: VGA format, with a size of 640 x 480 pixels and a speed of 13 frames per second; and QVGA format, reaching a 20 fps speed for a 320 x 240 pixels movie clip size. Unless other cameras, which limit the length of the recorded video to thirty seconds, this camera can record videos as lengthy as the available memory on the external memory card allows.

The Kodak EasyShare LS753 comes with a 32 MB internal memory, which allows you to start taking pictures immediately, but may be too small to store a decent number of photos. Of course, you can add some memory by inserting an external SD card.

Autofocus and automatic exposure control are good enough to be mentioned. The built-in electronic-flash system does its job, and the ability to choose among 19 different automatic scene modes is a great thing.

As the vast majority of Kodak’s digital cameras, the LS753 is fully compatible with the Kodak EasyShare system. This means you can connect your camera directly into your printer through its EasyShare 6000 dock, or even use one of these docks to email or transfer your photos. Better yet, battery is also recharged by placing the camera on this dock.

This camera also features a 1.8 inch LCD monitor screen. Although not as large as those found in many other cameras, which may be up to 2.0”, this LCD monitor is quite good indeed, and was found to provide a good accuracy.

The very good image quality delivered by this digital camera is achieved by using a specialized chip, the “Kodak ColorScience” image processing chip, which was specifically designed to produce vivid, bright colors, and at the same time providing high levels of color accuracy.


This camera has all the qualities to be a “top five” among all those five-megapixel users. As with virtually every single Kodak camera, ease of use is outstanding, and the wide range of scene modes will make beginners really happy. Professionals, however, may not find this camera very useful, as they would probably prefer an 8 megapixels camera instead.

Kodak really knows how to bring colors to life without losing any color accuracy, as they seem to put a special effort in providing the exact levels of saturation and brightness, thus providing realistic photos with no noticeable noise.

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