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Mini digital cameras can make it possible so that you always have a digital camera at your fingertips when you need it.

Ever missed an important picture just because you didnít have a camera with you? With the advent of mini digital cameras, this may never have to happen to you again.  

A compact digital camera is light weight, handy and is easy to carry around. Even in the class of mini digital cameras, cameras are available in different sizes; the smallest one may be as small as your credit card or a match box. Such a camera can fit into a shirt or pant pocket or any small space one can think of. On a flip side, owing to its small size, a mini digital camera could be sometimes difficult to handle or misplace.  

Modern day compact digital cameras come loaded with enhanced features and more resolution. It can match a conventional digital camera in every given feature. A mini digital camera can be used almost in the same way as a big camera to take pictures, email the photos, video recording, as a web cam and online video conferencing. Hence, for standard use, it can be a suitable replacement for a conventional bulky digital camera.  

One should consider his/her budget as well as your intended use of the pictures before buying a compact camera. The camera should have a decent resolution. Also find out if the camera has an LCD display (it is always better to have an LCD), if it has light focusing aid, has a reliable battery and comes loaded with photo editing software. Donít get mislead by the video shooting ability. A still cameraís ability to record videos is limited. If you want one with this capacity, then consider a digital camcorder. Also take care to buy a good memory card or even a spare one. This gives you the flexibility to be able to shoot more and/or better quality photos.  

How good a compact digital camera is for a person depends on the way he/she use its functions. For casual users, a mini digital camera could be a great choice. But for professional use, it falls well short in functionalities, precision and quality. The bottom line is how much will one benefit from the camera, big or small. The internet is a great resource to well you make that decision.  

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