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Mini digital camcorders are the smallest of the digital camcorder class and are unique in their own right.

Want to experience the digital revolution through the eyes of a mini digital camcorder?  

The advent of digital technology in the 90s had completely revolutionized the electronics sector. As a consequence, the world of photography had also undergone sweeping changes in terms of superior technology and new and faster equipments, of a magnitude something the world never ever had witnessed. Digital photography and imaging not only outclassed its analog counter parts in terms of picture quality and performance but also in offering a handier version of the equipment.  

Gone are those days when you had to carry a bulkier camera on you shoulder to get the videos shot. Digital camcorders are much smaller and are quite simple to operate. Even in the digital camcorder class, there are still smaller models called mini digital camcorders. Mini digital camcorders are much handier than the ordinary digital camcorders, at the same time providing almost all of the functionalities its big brother has.  

Mini digital camcorders are suitable for consumer use. It captures the video in a consumer digital video format. Though a mini digital camcorder and a DVCPRO use the same digital compression technology, they differ in the size of the tape used for recording. The mini digital camcorder uses a small tape, some of which can easily fit in to a shirt pocket. The size of the tape is partly responsible to the small size of the mini digital camcorder.  

Compared with a DVCPRO, a consumer mini digital camcorder has less resolution. Now mini digital camcorders are available in a number of models of varying levels of sophistication. The models differ in terms of their shape and size, CCD resolution, lens type, lux rating, zoom ratios, audio recording quality, resolution, size of the LCD monitor or viewfinder and the number of special effects incorporated.  

From a consumerís point of view before starting, you should be clear on your requirements for a mini digital camcorder. To buy one loaded with a lot of features and not using them is a sheer waste of money. Ideally, one should be looking for a model that comes with the right features, at a reasonable price tag. With top brands, a basic performance level is guaranteed. Hence one should focus on comparing the features of similar models before making the purchase. The internet is an easy and convenient way to make these comparisons.

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