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There is a secret to night digital photography and here are some of the techniques for taking pictures when there is minimal lighting.

You have a great digital camera, good battery and memory card, but while capturing night shots your photos look unfocused, blurry, or lacking crucial details? Want to learn night digital photography so you can take beautiful night shots?  

Night digital photography is considered as one of the most exciting and challenging areas for those who really get into the world of digital photography. Whether it is just a photograph of you and your friends in front of a favorite hangout, or a picture of downtown cityscape when the lights go on, or a picture of the moon and starlit sky over a windy deserted beach, your pictures can attract everyone if you can capture the night scene in an elegant manner. Night digital photography can be a tricky one but you can easily take beautiful photos by understanding some techniques.  

Generally, most night shots require long exposure time - so for successful night digital photography you need a digital camera which can keep the shutter open for a considerable time (somewhere from 3 to 30 seconds). This is the first thing only; you also have to adjust some settings in your digital camera. Most digital cameras can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. Change the sensitivity of your digital camera from Auto to the highest setting possible, considerably ISO 400 or ISO 800. By making your digital camera more sensitive to light you can take images in dim lights.  

Another popular technique professionals use while capturing night shots is 'Bracketing'. This is simply taking numerous shots of the same scene with different exposure settings. Try to capture one shot at -1EV take another one at +1EV exposure and again one at the correct exposure. This ensures your chances of getting the effect you're after.  

Also for taking some night shots it is a better idea to use a handheld light meter. Using a handheld light meter provides you with enough light to capture the result you want.  

The above mentioned are some setting and changes you have to make in your digital camera. There is something more to talk about in night digital photography. The first is that before taking night shots you have to plan your photographs before you shoot and to spend some time to study the area. If you can invest five to ten minutes to get a perfect angle or framing the best shot, you can get the best picture possible.  

Hope you got some idea about night digital photography, now go out and capture the best night shot with your digital camera. For more information about the different brands and models of digital cameras for night digital photography, search the Internet.

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