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Olympus D590Z

FeaturesOlympus D590Z Digital Camera image

  • 4 Mega pixel sensors CCD
  • 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom for up to 12x magnification
  • Shutter speeds: 1/1000 sec - 4 sec

  • QuickTime Movie Mode with audio
  • Sequential mode shooting

  • Included 16MB card stores 5-32 images
  • High-resolution color LCD

  • No optical viewfinder


  • 16MB xD Picture Card
  • LI-12B lithium-ion rechargeable battery

  • Battery charger

  • Wrist strap

  • USB cable

  • A/V cable

  • CD-ROM featuring Olympus Master software and drivers

  • Basic manual (printed) plus a full manual on CD-ROM


Do you need one of those new generation digital cameras, which are simple to use with out cumbersome controls and difficult features? If you want to buy a digital camera and use it without unnecessarily worrying about those difficult settings, then Olympus D590Z digital camera is the right choice for you. It is not only cheaper (under $300), but also a good value for money as well. This camera is very simple, with out the usual frills and fanciful features.

When you hold the camera in your palm, you’ll feel reassured by its rugged plastic body and a sprinkle of metal parts on the edges. It is also very light and compact, just enough to insert it in to your pocket. You can also feel its smooth contour and silken touch, as you glide your fingers on its exteriors. Control buttons are few and are located within your easy reach. At the top is a built in flash, which is in fact, just average and restricted in its usage and efficiency. Sadly, you can not attach any exterior flash to this camera.

On the backside of the camera, you’ll find a 1.8" LCD display, which is again common for a camera in this category. However, the screen is quite good with a nice and sharp display, which is bright and visible even under sunlight. Supplied 16MB xD picture card is barely enough for a busy user of the camera and it doesn’t hold too many images either, and is limited to just 50 average images of low resolution. Supplied Master software is very practical in providing you a series of thumbnails, which helps in arranging and indexing your images for a later view.

Very compact camera, that is sold as a point and shoot type of gadget, Olympus Camedia D590 Z digital camera is preferred by those people, who want simplicity and ease of use. Though photo quality is quite good for most part of the shooting exercise, some of the images may get too smooth and fuzzy at times.


Though Olympus D590 Z is a decent enough camera, you may need to consider other options while making your buying decisions. Though this camera is a very simple to use equipment, it has its own limitations in many of its essential features and functions. The bundled free Olympus Master software is very good, especially compared to other competing brands. Whatever its limitations, you may never complain on its overall performance considering the low price tag!

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