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Olympus Camedia C8080 Wide Zoom

FeaturesOlympus Camedia C8080 Digital Camera image

  • Resolution: 8 Megapixels

  • Optical Zoom : 5 X

  • Digital Zoom : 3 X

  • Image Sensor: CCD

  • Aperture: f/3.5 - f/2.4

  • Focal Length: 7.13 mm - 35.6 mm

  • Shutter Speed: 16 sec - 1/4000 sec

  • Image Format: JPEG, TIFF, RAW

  • Focus Modes: Automatic, Manual

  • Macro Focusing Range:5-80 cm

  • CCD Size: 2/3"

  • CCD Pixels: 8.31 Million

  • LCD Screen Size: 1.8 in

  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 1.6 fps

  • Flash Memory Type: 32 MB flash - xD-Picture Card

  • Recording Method: CompactFlash, XD-Picture Card, Microdrive

  • Connectors:1 x USB, 1 x composite video/audio output, 1 x DC power input


  • Lens hood and lens cap
  • A/V and USB cables

  • Drivers & Utilities

  • Carrying strap


In the 8 megapixel war, all manufacturers make a great effort to offer every feature the average user wants on a camera. Although no one can say the Olympus Camedia C-8080 gives the user the full package, every feature it implements is highly useful. The pros: high quality and incredible versatility. The cons: poor design and unease of use. Users will be the ones who compare between these characteristics in the end, and decide by themselves.

The C-8080 has a metal body that gives the impression of smoothness; however, ergonomic design was not invited to the party: when holding the camera with both hands, the little fingers seem to be fighting with each other, and if you happen to have a moderately big hand, then the right hand little finger will remain suspended on the air, just another consequence of the increasingly popular “miniaturization” of the cameras. This may sound as a small thing, but comfort is a big issue and should not be taken lightly.

Most controls are quite difficult to reach, including the most important ones: the shutter button, the zoom control, the TFT screen menu access button and the exposure blocker, this one specially hard to use due to its location: next to the objective lens.

On the top side of the C-8080 you will find the twelve-position mode dial, the on-off button (which is remarkably fast to work), the sensor sensitivity selector, a popup type built-in flash system and a socket for connecting an external flash unit.

The built-in flash has a severe design flaw: when shooting at an angle, the Flash light is obstructed by the lens barrel. That induces the appearance of a shadow on the captured image, an error that is not easy to explain in a high-end camera.

On the left side there are several buttons that provide access to some exposure and shutter options, thus it is possible to adjust them without having to navigate through on-screen menus.

On the rear side you will also find several buttons, which let you enter the menu system, make a quick check on the captured images or even change the type of memory card in use.

As a 8 megapixel image sensor is expensive, Olympus has managed to make this camera available just like every other competitor: by reducing costs. But the great thing is that, while others reduce costs by using low quality materials, Olympus has chosen to maintain the quality by sacrificing features.

An example of this is the C-8080 objective lens; instead of implementing an 28-200 mm one (like most other competitor’s cameras), it features a 28-140mm one, complemented by an outstanding 3X digital zoom.

This camera also has controls that allow image optimization and accuracy even on hard situations, allowing manual control as well as use of presets for most settings.


Although results are comparable to those obtained from similarly-priced cameras, the Olympus Camedia C-8080 is a great choice due to its 2/3 inch CCD, which allows resolutions up to 3264x2448 pixels. Picture quality is just excellent at 50 – 64 ISO. With a 400 ISO sensitivity maximum, noise levels are quite acceptable. This camera is, without any doubts, a major pick for the novice to intermediate user.

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