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Olympus Camedia D40

FeaturesOlympus D40 Digital Camera image

  • Slim, ultra-small body fits right in your pocket.

  • 4 Megapixel resolution CCD, although camera can interpolate image to enlarge it to 8 Megapixels, of course losing quality)

  • 2.8X optical zoom lens.

  • Remote control.

  • Good overall photo quality

  • Good noise reduction feature.

  • Movie mode w/sound, capable of 320x240 resolutions (although not capable of optical zooming).

  • Lots of manual controls


  • Non-rechargeable CR-V3 lithium battery

  • 16MB Smart Media Memory card

  • USB cable

  • Video cable

  • Remote control

  • Software and manuals CD-ROM.

  • 46 page printed basic guide.

  • Hand strap


The first thing I noticed about the Olympus Camedia D40 digital camera was its lack of accessories. This camera doesn’t offer you the possibility to use any external accessories. No filters, no external flashes, no conversion lenses. Nothing.

A Smart Media card is pretty much all you can add to this camera. The supplied memory card  is just 16 megabytes. I strongly recommend that you buy at least a 32 MB Smart Media memory card if you are going to use this camera.

The D40 comes with a CR-V3 type battery but is non rechargeable. Good thing Olympus made the D40 compatible with AA batteries to power up the camera; by far the best choice to you have is to buy a couple of rechargeable AAs.

Well, I have to be fair: there are a couple of decent things to mention about the D40. One of them is the RM-1 wireless remote control, which is operational in both recording mode and playback mode.

Camera – to – computer connectivity is very easy, as the Olympus D40 features a built-in USB interface port which does self-install when connected to a computer, eliminating the need for software drivers. Note that I said computer rather than PC; that is because the D40 is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh.

Another good feature is the lens cover, which also serves as an on/off switch. The CCD features a 4 Megapixel resolution, but the camera can create eight megapixel pictures by using interpolation techniques. However, the resulting image quality is far from great.

Also, the D40 is able to record “high quality” clips of 320 x 240. When using the included 16Mb card, well, you got nearly thirty seconds of video.

When it comes to appearance and usability, the Olympus Camedia D40 is easy to handle, and I found it to be as good–looking as other Olympus models. The materials used in the D40 construction were metal and plastic, although the second one is used more than the first one.

I found this digital camera easy and comfortable to operate. Its slim body gives you the possibility of carrying it inside your pocket without any “bulky” sensation.

This camera features a F2.8, 2.8X optical zoom lens, which leaves you with a sense of incompleteness, because this camera does not achieve the 3X zooming of most of its competitors. The lens’ focal range is 7.25mm to 20.3mm, equivalent to 35mm - 98mm on a 35mm camera.

The flash is not so bad; it has a working range of 0.8m to 3 m at wide-angle, and 0.25m to 1.8 m in telephoto mode.

The 1.5" LCD has a very good image quality, but it has the disadvantage of being smaller than others. This, in the other hand, contributes to the overall tiny size of the camera.


This camera has lots of manual controls, which will be found useful by intermediate to expert users. It has a good photo quality, and features sound within movie clips. However, no optical zoom is available for movie mode. Noise reduction is good too, and I think this camera will be liked by beginners and also by intermediate users. Advanced users will be comfortable with the manual controls, but if you are an advanced user then maybe you would like to consider a bigger, more resolution camera instead of this one. 

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