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Panasonic PV GS 200

Features:Panasonic PV GS 200 Digital Camcorder image

  • Recording Format: Mini DV

  • Recording System: NTSC

  • Optical Zoom: 10x

  • CCD Quantity: 3

  • CCD Size: 1/6

  • CCD Pixels>: 2300K pixels

  • LCD Panel: 2.50 in.

  • Optical Zoom: 10x

  • Digital Zoom: 700x

  • Lens Focal Length: 2.45 - 24.5 mm

  • Filter Diameter: 37 mm

  • Recording Speed: LP • SP
  • Recommended Illumination: 1400 Lux

  • Night Shot capable

  • Audio Format: 12/16 Bit PCM Digital Stereo Audio

  • Memory Card Type: SD Card

  • Still image Resolution: 2.32 Megapixels

  • Max Still Image Size: 1760 x 1320

  • MPEG Movie Mode Resolution: 320 x 240 (QVGA)

  • Interfaces: S-Video / Composite (Video) / Audio (RCA) / FireWire / DV / i.Link / USB

  • Microphone Type: External/Optional

  • Battery Type: Panasonic Proprietary Lithium battery


  • Software CD

  • USB Cable

  • A/V Cable

  • Lithium Battery

  • 8 MB Memory Card

  • Remote Control

  • Lens Cap

  • Shoulder Strap


This camera is one of the finest examples of the next generation of Panasonic digital camcorders. It features the great Leica Dicomar lens, known for its excellence and quality. The 2.3 Megapixel (640x480 and 1760x1320) PV-GS200 has a telescopic 10X optical zoom lens; a digital zoom that allows 700:1 clear close-ups from wide angle to full telephoto zoom; and an excellent Macro Zoom feature, which lets users shoot extreme close-ups at distances as near as 40cm.

But a closer examination will show what may be the feature that separates this camcorder from similar others: the focus ring.

Most consumer camcorders implement focusing system that make this a tedious task, and can severely harm the recording process. A focus ring is a great addition, and consumers are known to love this kind of features on a camera.

The Panasonic PV-GS200 digital camcorder equips a popup flash that is programmable within three settings: forced flash, no flash, and automatic. The flash is engaged when a low light environment is detected or can manually be switched on. The switch is on the lower right side of the front, and the popup flash is just above.

Below the lens on the PV-GS200 you will find the black stereo mic cover. Just above the metal mesh cover is the white balance and IR sensor.

The Panasonic PV-GS200 digital camcorder is equipped to perform well in automatic, and is responsive in all automatic modes it supports. Auto white balance, auto exposure (with a valuable feature: gain), auto shutter, auto focus, all of these perform fast and sharp. The auto white balance is a little slow to make changes, but the adjustments are small and subtle.

This camera performed really well even when moving and zooming at the same time, and that will attract perfectionist users.

Multiple manual control features are present through the menu system on this camera, but (as seems to be common among camcorders nowadays) there is no alternate way to access the control panel, so setting modification’s are very difficult to make..

White Balance, Exposure,  Shutter Speed,  and Gain can all be adjusted by using the arrow keys, and when selection is made, the play/enter button will move to the next setting. Manual controls are “hidden” behind the LCD screen on this model.


The Panasonic PV-G200 digital camcorder outstands for both its quality and ease of use, making this the right camera to choose when looking for professional results.

Considering its price, this camcorder is a winner versus competitors. Its use is recommended for users from moderately assiduous users to experts.

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