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Samsung SCD107

Features:Samsung SCD107 Digital Camcorder image

  • 20x optical Zoom lens:

  • 900x digital zoom

  • 680K pixel CCD

  • 3.5 inch hi-resolution LCD (225K pixel)

  • Multi-card slot (memory stick, memory stick pro, SD card, multimedia card)

  • Remote control

  • Digital image stabilization (DIS)

  • IEEE1394 Firewire / USB port

  • Video / Still image format: MPEG4 for video / JPEG for pictures

  • Built-in video light


  • AC adapter

  • Battery

  • Cables

  • Remote

  • Shoulder strap


When I tried the Samsung SCD107 digital camcorder out, I was a little disappointed. When using a digital camcorder, you expect to have control over what you are recording; however, this camera’s manual features are almost hidden, hard to locate and activate, as if they were never intended to be used.

The SCD107 seems to be a camcorder mainly intended for taking pictures rather than for video recording. “Point and shoot” users will simply love the automatic features, however, as the preset options will be more than enough for the novice user.

Regular computer users will take advantage of the intuitive menu, which is very similar to standard computer software menus. The menu navigation is improved by the camera’s capability to show it in several languages, including Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

As I said before, manual features are hard to find and activate: the SCD107 lacks a manual option’s button to switch from automatic mode to manual mode.

When it comes to image quality, this camcorder is not so great either. Performance under low-light situations is poor, its color quality is not the best, and the camera’s lack of a manual fine-tuning option is a pity. In fact, if you want to get fine tuning on a shot, you should be prepared to navigate endless menus and submenus, just to find something that was not exactly what you were looking for. But let’s talk about what really matters on a camcorder: Video performance.

When compared to other similar-priced camcorders, the Samsung SCD107 digital camcorder behaves decently, offering pretty much the same as others but with the addition of a 1/6 inch CCD and a not so bad 3.5 inch 225 K-pixel LCD screen, which can rotate up to 180 degrees.

However, this camcorder has some serious problems; even at 3000 lux, some colors fade away and some others get messy. And, take my advice; do not spend your time looking for true white, as you may never find it. Also, although the SCD107 allows certain color adjustments by using the dial, this was found to be an impractical feature.

The camera also features a 46.0 mm lens, capable of 20X optical zooming and 900X digital zooming. FireWire and USB ports allow this camcorder to be connected to a PC or Mac without hassles. A focus button or ring would be nice on this camera, just to avoid having to enter the sea of endless menus just to get some focusing.

Exposure on this camera is measured numerically, and can be adjusted as highly as 29 by using the dial while in “camera” mode. Shutter speed ranges from 1/60 to 1/10000 of a second, and it can be adjusted from the menu.


While the Samsung SCD107 digital camcorder is far from being one of the top camcorders and it is certainly not recommended for professionals, it may be a great first choice for a photographer to take his first steps into video world, as beginners will not use manual features, and in fact will love the SCD107 automatic mode. With a menu this intuitive (you are always one close to what you want, except from manual settings which never seem to emerge), first timers will feel comfortable and confident.   

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