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Sony DSC D770

FeaturesSony DSC D770 Digital Camera image

  • 2.5" TFT LCD 1,800,000 pixels
  • Center-weighted or Spot, AE Lock - Mechanical/electric
  • Auto, Aperture, Shutter, and Manual Exposure

  • AE: 1/30 - 1/2000, Manual: 4 sec to 1/2000

  • TTL-CCD AF, Manual

  • pcmcia II, memory stick

  • Lens: 28 mm - 140 mm (5x) (dig: 2x)

  • Aperture auto | manual / F2 - F2.4 - F13.2  


  • Neck Strap

  • 8MB Memory Stick (MSA-8A)

  • Memory Stick / PC Card Adaptor (MSAC-PC1)

  • Wireless Remote Controller (RM-S7D)

  • Video cable

  • Lens cap

  • Finder cap

  • Shoulder Strap (BLT-10)

  • Rechargeable Battery Pack (NP-F550)

  • Battery Charger (BC-V615)

  • Memory Stick / Parallel port adaptor (MSAC-PR1)  


One of the older cameras from the digital stable of Sony, DSC D770 is currently out of production since 1999. Though it heavily draws some of the parameters from the earlier DSC-D700 model, few additional modification were introduced in the camera, like an ISO 50 mode, improved auto focus system and a better imaging system.

Though the Sony DSC D770 digital camera is currently out of production, it still commands lot of respect from digital camera lovers allover the world. A true SLR, this camera sports a lovely, rigid body, with a good grip and smooth feeling. A large eye level view finder is located at the back of the body, with a traditional Sony brand, 2.5 inch color LCD, that is bright even during strong sunlight. 5X zoom lens is just enough for day to day capturing of pictures, at a focal length of 28 to 140 mm. Blending the good old features like zoom and focus control rings, this camera is a pleasure to handle and click, for taking some amazing images.

Controls are within the easy of reach of userís fingers, and learning to master these controls doesnít take much time either. Though the supplied memory is terribly short in storage, one just canít complain, as it was one of the earliest digital cameras produced in the world. The quality of the image is excellent in out doors and rather underdeveloped in case of indoor pictures. However, by using the manual controls, it is easy to adjust the exposure by using supplied auto or manual aperture controls.


With its darker gray colored body, the Sony DSC D770 digital camera is a collector edition due to its antique value. Though the camera was considered as the pioneer model in the digital world, it displayed all primary characteristics of a digital camera. However, it also laid a very strong foundation, on which Sony could build some of the most efficient digital cameras in the history of photography. If youíre a die hard enthusiast, start hunting for one now and youíll never feel let down by its ruggedness and efficiency.

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