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Sony Cybershot DSC P200

Sony Cyber-shot® DSC-P200 Digital Camera - DSC-P200 Features

  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens

  • 7.2 Megapixels

  • 3x Optical Zoom (up to 14x Smart Zoom feature)

  • 6x Precision Digital Zoom

  • 2.0 " LCD

  • Manual Exposure Setting

  • Video size: 640 x 480 pixels / 30 fps (only with Memory Stick PRO media)

  • MPEG VX Fine with Audio capability

  • USB 2.0 High Speed Transfer

  • Available in three colors (Red, Black and Silver)


  • NP-FR1 InfoLithium Battery

  • AC-LS5 Battery Charger

  • MSA-32A 32MB Memory Stick

  • Combined AV / USB Cable

  • Windows / Macintosh software

  • Wrist Strap


The Sony Cybershot DSC P200 digital camera was introduced by Sony as an evolution from its predecessor, the P150.

One of the most noticeable differences between the P200 and the P150 is the larger LCD screen, which evolved from 1.8 to a nice 2.0 inch screen.

Smaller aluminum case makes this one a little bit more resistant than the previous model, while preserving most of the looks.

The microphone location has changed; it is now located on the top side of the camera.

The great 3X optical zoom Carl Zeiss lens provides an excellent picture quality, and when you add an outstanding 7.2 megapixel super HAD CCD then the benefits are obvious.

When it comes to speed, the DSC P200 is very fast, featuring a very short interval between shoots and also highly responsive auto focus and auto exposure features.

The DSC P200 comes with the famous Sony's NP-FRI Rechargeable InfoLithium Battery, which provides the camera with an amazing autonomy, up to 3 hours of normal recording operation. There is also no need to remove the battery to charge it, as it will get refilled in situ when the supplied AC adapter.

The zooming system is flawless. It is a 3X optical zoom, 6X precision digital zoom. This camera also implements the Smart Zoom option. Sonyís Smart Zoom allows you to enlarge the picture up to an astonishing 14X with almost no noticeable distortion, provided that standard VGA resolution is used.

Color saturation is great, and a very small amount of noise make the overall image quality one of the highest Iíve ever seen on any digital camera. Even in hard situations, the P200 got the job done with the right amount of exposure. AF lamp has proven to be very useful.

Five focus presets really make focusing easy even for a kid, and auto focus feature ensures high captures even on difficult shots.

Design is as excellent as functionality: the whole camera seems to have been built exactly for your hand, as it is really comfortable to use. The fully retracting lens is a classy characteristic, and also reduces the camera size by hiding itself into the P200 body.

The Movie mode is good too. It allows you to record clips up to 30 fps at a 640x480 resolution, including audio; and there is no limit to the length of the clip but the amount of free memory on the Memory Card. The P200 also allows to capture email-ready video clips of up to 8 fps.

Here is another useful feature for the professional: you can manually control the aperture and shutter speed. This excellent camera also comes with an USB 2.0 connection to interface with your computer.


The Sony Cybershot P200 digital camera is a very high quality choice if you are a professional photographer looking for a camera to take everywhere, with comfort of use and high battery life. The amazing features like burst and multi burst modes will prove to be helpful for almost anyone.

However, the beginner may feel this is too much of a camera for him. And, being honest, I think it is; as it is intended for the pro.

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