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Teaching digital photography can help expand your customer base as well as create another stream of income for you.

Do you currently own a photography shop and wants to attract new customers or retain existing customers? Teaching them the art of digital photography can be the way to your destination. 

If you teach a photography class be prepared to provide everything your student may need such as tripods, filters, photography papers, printers, scanners, lens and digital cameras. Donít rely only on the income from sales of digital photography equipment only. People are willing to pay you if you are able to teach them the nuances of digital photography and provide them with useful hints and tips. 

Before becoming a teacher one needs to be a good student of digital photography. If you have a thorough knowledge of the subject, you can start teaching digital photography to beginners and intermediates in digital photography. Before starting to teach, you need to understand the basic concepts of digital cameras, lights and lighting, filters, color schemes, picture tone, image manipulating software, etc. Online resources are numerous and you should take advantage of them. 

The materials you need to begin teaching your students includes a projector, slides, a screen and some PowerPoint presentation software. With the rich ready-made materials available, you donít even need to be a great presenter to be a teacher of digital photography. 

You can get high quality teaching materials online, if you invest your time to search them thoroughly. Shop online to find the materials that the masters use to teach digital photography at universities and at workshops conducted for professionals in the field. Log onto some Internet sites that offer excellent teaching materials to teach digital photography.

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