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Outdoor Pictures

Most digital cameras have a fill flash or flash mode.  Activating this feature allows you to take control of the flash so it goes on when you want it to, not when the camera wants it to.  The camera exposes the background first the adds just enough flash to illuminate the subjects of the picture.  You can warm up the tones of outdoor or sunny landscape pictures by changing the default white balance setting from auto to cloudy.  This increases the reds and yellows making a richer, warmer picture.  Use of a polarizing filter will give richer and more saturated colors.  The filter helps to reduce glare and unwanted reflections.  To see the effects of a polarizing filter hold a pair of sunglasses as close as possible to the camera lens and take a picture through the sunglasses.  Have the sun over your right or left shoulder (90 degree angle to the subject) for best results.

 Close up Pictures

Activation of the close up or macro mode will allow you to explore things in much finer detail.  The macro mode icon is usually represented by a flower symbol.  Once turned on, get as close to the object as possible.  Hold the shutter button down halfway to focus the camera.  When the camera is ready, press the button the rest of the way and record the picture.


Two items that work well together are the tripod and the self timer function.  Tripods use to be bulky to carry and difficult to set up.  However a new tripod, the Ultrapod II by Pedco, provides a compact and versatile add on that fits in your back pocket.  A Velcro strap allows you to steady your camera on an existing pole of branch.  If we activate the self timer feature on the mounted camera then there is no need for the photographer to be left out of the picture or have strangers take inadequate group pictures.  The delay of can be set to as long as 10 seconds.

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